Fight of the Night


Its fight week, Cape Town is buzzing as the EFC is back in town, get ready for massive action – THIS IS EFC 39.

We have a treat in store for us as 2 international fighters grace the EFC hexagon straight out of England it is Joe ‘Silk’ Cummins and Yannick Bahati ready to show Cape Town what they got. From the looks of things at the open workout these guys are ready to dish out the punches and entertain.

“It’s all the same, a first round knockout and then I want to fight for the belt.” – Yannick Bahati

He will be taking on Champion Dalcha who is undefeated in the EFC hexagon, this won’t be an easy match for Bahati because all we heard from Champion is..

“Nothing much to say, the champion is ready.” – Champion Dalcha 

..and I’m sure Cape Town is ready for the epic match up.

My favourite EFC athlete, Cape Town boy Irshaad Sayed is back for the 3rd time infront of his home crowd and we love watching this guy fight – this is my call for fight of the night as he takes on Oumpie “Lion Heart”

“Come fight night, you will see what happens! Don’t be surprised if I take him down and beat him.” – Irshaad Sayed

If he wins he should be in contention for a title fight in August back in Cape Town, this is one fight I have been waiting for and the words that were thrown out today confirms that Irshaad is ready too…

“I want Demarte to beat Cedric so I can be the first person to beat him.” – Irshaad Sayed

Another Cape Town fighter everyones favourite Don “The Magic Man” Madge vs Regis Muyambo – The last time I saw Madge fight was the epic 5 round bout vs Boyd Allen what a fight I am expecting the same intensity as he tries to fight his way back to the top.

“I’m ready to take on every single guy in the light weight division and beat every one of them.” Don Madge

Gideon Drotsche vs Tumelo Maputha, Gideon is back in Cape Town where he lost his title to Norman Wessels at EFC35 last November. This was suppose to be a rematch but I guess we got to wait till August. I fear for Maphuta as Gideon looks amped and ready it might not be a title bout but this guy is ready to fight.

Finally we have the Heavywieght title bout between Groenewald and Van Zyl none of them were at the open workout today – this just adds to the intesity of the weigh in on Wednesday before fight night on Thursday.

Cape Town are you ready to see the FIGHT OF THE NIGHT.


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