Birds gotta Fly

Through Capoeira an art form comprising a mixture of  mixed martial arts, dance and acrobatics, I met this vibrant energetic talent straight out of Parow Valley.


Julian Wenn – W E double N better known as the WENNtertainer, he is a full time musician “most of the time” but also has talents in other areas namely Acting, Singing (Tenor), dancing, MC and Hosting and recently added Wedding singing to the impressive repertoire of talents. Some of you may know him as the dreadlocked guy running on stage in SA Got Talent 2013 wowing the judges and audience with his original song “Love Is”.

Blessed with many gifts he stays humble and gives back to his community by raising awareness about crime and initiating activities such as cleaning up the parks, pestering counsel to maintain the sports ammenities as well as organising and chairing meetings, he also teaches Capoeira in the Stellenbosch area. He has many accolades on his CV which is impressive from Hosting a Children’s Game Show in Dubai to presenting a show on KFM. His dream is to use his gifts for the greater good and thats alotta gifts and from the looks of things he is going to fly.

Catch him at Visual Impact Cape Town Media Hive No 1Glynnville Terrace Gardens Cape Town on Friday 8th May at 6pm for 7pm to be blown away by the  PREMIERE OF THE” Love Is ” music video.

You have not been entertained till you have been WENNtertained….so come along and join the Movement

“For If we don’t love each other who will”? – one more time IF WE DON’T LOVE EACH OTHER WHO WILL 😉

For more info and to get in contact with this ‘party starter’ 😀 – check out the details below:


Twitter: Wenntertainment
Facebook: Julian Wenn

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