Wie is Jan Hus?


Moravian Hill rich in the history of moravian teachings, this was the venue of the travelling exhibition commemorating the 600th anniversaryand burning at the state by the Council of Constance.

Wie is Jan Hus?
In 1415, the Council of Constance, organized by the Roman Catholic Church between 1414 and 1418, sentenced Jan Hus (John Huss) to death. He was born in Bohemia in central Europe. The Council thus attempted to reunify medieval theology by condemning the then radical branch of Christianity represented by Jan Hus. This attempt, however, turned out to be traumatic for the Catholic Church. It lost power in central Europe, particularly in Bohemia, where the citizens were ready to spend their whole lives defending Hus’s legacy, even if it cost them their lives.


The exhibition was well attended by the Moravian community, to be honest I came late as I had another event to attend but from what I saw it was interesting as a recollection of the history of Jan Hus were displayed along the side of the church, speeches were made and the brass band performed a few items. After the event the people could discuss what was read and just catch up with old friends and meet new ones, we met the ambassador from the Czech Republic and a new friend from Germany, an exchange student teaching in Cape Town. We also learnt something about Jan Hus from one of the theology students of the Moravian Seminary, Jan was the rector of the University of Prague – I guess the more you know the more you are in a position to challenge.

Daar was ook ‘n lekker warme koppie koffie en snacks, die Morawiese gemeente weet mos hoe om te entertain.

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