Reach for the Stars


Have you ever just stopped and looked up at the night sky and watched the stars?

Today I attended a lecture on Astrophotography 101 not knowing anything about this, all I knew was that Astro are those colourful chocolate things and photography is well taking pictures o_O – put the two together and you taking pictures of Astro’s :-D.

Nah just kidding what got me was the last point on the presentation list – The Kama Sutra of Astrophotography hahaha yes they got my attention. The lecture was held at UCT to me this is like Hogwarts and today it was as we got lost trying to find the lecture theatre only to find it moved, this resulted in us missing a few minutes of the lecture o_O.

I don’t think we missed much though, the lecture was interesting as we got an introduction into the different ways of taking pictures of the stars ahhhhhh this is what Astrophotography is imagine the big bang in my mind hahaha. Words like Iso, long exposure and apature were thrown around like it is common knowledge and I was just like wow those pictures are cool. There are easy ways to take pictures with your mobile phone which I think I’ll try and also got some interesting info on the Big 5 of the African Sky….there is a lion up there and im going to find it ๐Ÿ˜€

The names of the Big 5 are to complicated for me to comprehend you can read more about this on the link below:

I bet you thinking what the Kama Sutra of Astrophotography is right, well I’m still trying to figure out what this is from what I saw though in the pictures some of the stars had tails from the way the earth moves – yeah stop thinking what you thinking thats dirty o_O hahaha.


Look at that view, now its time to look up at the stars at reach for the heavens ๐Ÿ˜€


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