I did the moonlight mass and NAKED bike ride before. I did a couple of 10km races before, I also participated in a swimming gala in primary school – That makes me a perfect candidate to become a TRYathlete right o_O.

I opted to be a spectator to the Discovery World Triathlon Series Cape Town, a ten city tour around the world with Cape Town, South Africa being the 4th stop. I was kinda sussing out my competition so to say haha, from what I witnessed these Elite men Tri-athletes must be superhuman.

Wrap your head around these stats for a minute before I continue:

The average speed during the swim is 60 seconds per 100m, the average speed during the cycle is 40km/h and the average speed during the run is 3min/km o_O – see what I meant by superhuman athletes.

Cape Town welcomed the top Elite men and Women to participate in arguably one of the most scenic and spectator friendly triathlons in the series, the swimming distance was shortened due to 750m due to water temperatures being too cold, this just added to the excitement of the day making it a faster, nailbiting event.


With Great Britains, Vicky Holland taking the elite womens crown yesterday it was up to Allistair Brownlee to keep the flag flying high today, 2012 Olympic gold medalist you would think this to be easy right…not with Javier Gomez Noya and homegrown favourite Richard Murray on the course with you though.


The swimming leg saw all athletes finish in a bundle congesting the first transition section – this went off smoothly under 60 seconds and they are off cycling its amazing to witness. With all spectators running towards the new revamped Greenpoint Athletics track I felt like a tri-athlete myself, inside the stadium atmosphere was electric as we cheered on the athletes during the 40km cycling leg of 8 laps through the stadium.


It was during the 10km run that the real action started, what an intense 30 minutes this was as the athletes started to make a break it was local hero Richard Murray who led the pack for a while everytime they came through the stadium it erupted with cheers :-D…- I guess nothing beats experience though as in the last lap Allistiar and Gomez broke away opening up a huge gap to continue where they left off in the Olympics finishing one and two respectively with French Athlete, Vincent Luiz overtaking Murray to take 3rd place. 


What a win for Brownlee who celebrated his 27th birthday on Thursday an awesome birthday present indeed but Gomez is still the lead athlete in the series.


Welldone to all participants you men and woman are a true inspiration to watch 😀


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