Mexican Fiesta

I’ve watched a couple of Ice Hockey games at Grandwest between local rivals the Penguins and the Storms but this is the big leagues International Ice Hockey right on our doorstep.


The Ice Hockey World Championship (IIHF): Division B – Group B, a single round -robin series each team plays each opponent once, the winner of the Championship will be promoted to Division II A.

I wanted to watch the South Africa vs New Zealand game on friday but this was sold out – glad to see we behind our boys :-D…so I opted for my Mexican brothers vs Israel.

Like I said previously this is the big leagues they even brought in reinforcements right around the ring for the hard hits you see in the NHL – The first period saw Israel start off with a bang, their support cheering them on with enthusiasm.

I expected a little more people though but the atmosphere was still electrical – ohhhh and ahhhs with every big hit and shot stopping save. The period ended 1-1.

The second period started just as fierce as the first with Israel coming out with a bang, their keeper stopping a shot with ice cold precision. After 10 minutes you could cut the tension with a knife as the scoreline was still 1-1 but then a nice move in the middle and Mexico made it 2-1. The Mexican fans were uplifted and started chanting ‘mekiko mekiko’ – I guess this worked because they opened the floodgates and ended the period 3-1 with their keeper not really doing any work.


The third period just like the first 2 saw Israel start off fast with the Mexican keeper working hard to keep the scoreline as it was but hard work pays off and the crowd went wild as the score went 3-2 when Israel scored.

This was not enough and the Mexican chillies melted the ice adding another 2 goals – 5-2 to Mexico.


With 4 minutes left in the match we almost saw some fighting but the referee’s were on point throughout the match to avoid this, Ice Hockey is not for the faint hearted :-D. Israel’s coach must be good at motivating his team because after a quick time-out they scored making it 5-3 with 2 minutes left in the game, edge of your seat stuff.

In the final seconds of the match Israel pushing everyone forward even the goalie and paid the price as Mexico put the final nail in the coffin with an easy no goalie goal to make the final score 6-3 to Mexico.


An exciting match up of International Hockey – always better Live.


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