If Life had no limits I would…

I am 100% responsible for the creation of my financial future and personal destiny.

The Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town, 11th floor the  view is amazing definitely a place to have your success meal one day – this was the venue of the Brick Buy Brick seminar, part of Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad series.

If you read the book or should be familiar with the name, you would know he is a property investor so the seminar was an introduction into opening our minds to the possibility of tapping into the wealth that is property investing. Using property as a cashflow tool.

What I enjoy about these seminars are that the speakers are engaging and full of energy allowing the audience to visualise a better life for themselves. The opportunity is there to educate yourself and become part of a team behind a highly successful brand – if you surround yourself with greatness will you not be GREAT yourself 😀

The 3 Keys to Success:
1 – Opportunity
2 – Knowledge
3 – MASSIVE Action

I went with a plan to gain insight as I have a curious mind but left with potential knowledge knowing that a shift in your mindset can change your life. 

Your brain is your most valuable asset turn it from a R20 asset to a million dollar/pound whatever currency it all starts with YOU – believe in yourself 😉

Ask yourself If life had no limits I would….so get off you ASSet and achieve your dreams 😀


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