We have became so obsessed with talking instead of doing, have you ever sat around a company and listened to conversations. Most of us watch the news or read newspapers or the obvious social media reports about this and that happening in our country or abroad, and when we come in contact with our friends or family we start discussing the issues at hand.

Whether it is the way the country is run, the nationalisation of the mines, the latest Nkandla report or a statue that has been painted we all have an opinion on these issues. I heard in a conversation that our government are busy discussing how and why the South African president has to pay back the  money when they could be focusing on education or employing greater police presence at marches against gangsterism.

South Africa has a shortage of skilled labour but a high volume of opinionated people, some having the right mindset and knowledge of a situation but no courage to take action on those words in the fear of faliure or ridicule. Then there are the pessimists who will have an opinion but always ends off with a problem to counter what they are saying, if you listen properly this could be the solution to many of the problems that face our country if we use what we have properly.

Education is key as always but proper education in a safe environment condusive to learning but also keeping skilled people in our country in order for it to grow and whereby we are able to produce our own goods instead of importing at high prices. We can never stop learning but what we do with that education is important, I think an unskilled worker who is willing to learn is powerful and should be encouraged.

Why am I writing this post I do not know for sure but what I do know is that I should encourage someone out there reading this  to use there opinion for change. Your arguement could be but why don’t you DO something, my response: Let US do something WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE… lets use our skills to educate and initiate change for good.


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