Just finished reading Sir Richard Branson’s book – Screw It, Let’s Do It…just as the title of my blog I am inspired by the concept of living in the moment. Seize every opportunity, open your eyes and ears to new ideas and never forget to not stop doing good.

Mr Branson takes us through some of his life lessons learned through life, some really life – threatening adventures but through sheer belief he came out alive.

Each chapter starts with the heading and few points to ponder, these can even be written down as motivational qoutes to add in your diary/notebook/fridge or even your girlfriend or boyfriends forehead as a constant reminder of the awesomeness that is life :-D.

Life is full of challenges we will all face huge highs and extreme lows but if we realise that we are not alone it will make things easier, reading inspiring and motivational books also help inspire yourself to greater heights.

– Just Do It
– Think yes, not no
– Challenge yourself
– Have goals
– Make a difference
– Stand on your own feet
– Be loyal
– Live life to the full

These are some of the lessons shared by Mr Branson, I highlighted HAVE FUN as this is one of the lessons that is repeated throughout the book at age 63 I am sure he is still having fun on his island always smiling :-D.

Since starting this blog I have realised that life has so much to offer and I keep learning new things, meeting amazing people and having fun while I am at it….therefore I guess I found a new motto

SCREW IT, LET’S DO IT – Thank you Dr Yes 😉


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