This is Langa

My first time in Langa (yes I am ashamed – blame the media and my ignorance), today the streets of Langa came alive with possibility.


Building on the success of Open
Streets on Bree (Sunday 18 January 2015), we were taken to Langa where skaters, cyclists, walkers, joggers, kids,adults, artists, musicians and others to enjoy car-free space together.

With over 30 different activities along Jungle Walk to Rubusana Avenue, a safe and free environment for all to enjoy. The Rosa Chior practice…


to the ever popular Capoeira


Superheroes on bicycles, skateboarders and when last did you see a “waentjie” in the street yes this is South Africa where kids are free to play in the streets and be children.


Laughter, chatter and a festive atmosphere allows for bridging the gap between people from different backgrounds, we even got the opportunity to watch a moving documentary in one of the residents houses about Remebering Marikana. Ever wanted to ask a scientist a question, anything from Why is the sky blue? to Why is the earth a square o_O uh I mean round but I’m sure they would be able to answer that too :-D. It is amazing and moving to see so many children enjoying themselves high-fiving you with smiles on their faces as you walk past, my friend even got to see some real street magic where the kid disappeared  after the show hahaha.

With the cricket World Cup just ended and SA needing to build for 2019 why not get someone from the streets of Langa.


and there is always hope for Bafana too, street soccer is popular in all parts of Cape Town ;-).

Events like this are important in getting people active in all parts of Cape Town where the media always focuses on the bad side we should rear our energy to more positive initiatives like the Real Phandaz – An Association of South Africa’s best minds and bodies defined not by academic merit but by strong intuition, talent, skill and a strong drive to succeed – #RealPhandaz

The Micro Galleries were also cool, meeting an artist who uses sea sand, giving us an in-depth explanation of his amazing work.

Thank you to the City of Cape Town and the organisers of Open Streets for taking us from Colombia to the Mother Township 😀

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