Be Smart

With electricity prices increasing and the petrol price soaring in coming months it is time for us to BE SMART and join the Renewable Energy revolution.

God gaves us the sun and wind – best we use them!

The is one of the slogans on a pamphlet from the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Intstitute – Did you know that the government are in talks for a nuclear programme priced at R1 trillion, where is this money coming from is the question. With so many benefits from renewable energy why do we need Nuclear power stations why not invest in the Earth rather than destroying it. For more info:

The important choices we make today will determine the future that emerges for our country.

At the renewable energy festival your eyes are opened to the amazing possibilities that the world has to offer, it does not need to be expensive all you need is to look for an opportunity/gap and take it.

Like Tsidi Ramofolo who started her company “NewCo” about 3 years ago operating in Landsdowne. If you are eating Lays right now what are you going to do with the packet, throw it away right. Tsidi takes these packets and other waste material to create these useful items..


Those are pencil bags made out of Lays, Simba or Fritos packets.


That is a wallet – now you can have Simba be the King of your money o_O. – mail her for more on this amazibg initiative.

With many exhibitions helping to educate and inform people on what is out there in terms of alternative energy I think this is an eye opening and enriching event. Fun-filled for the whole family with Cape Town Science Centre offering a variety of activities for the kids to enjoy – Maths and Science is essential in creating a sustainable future for all why not visit the science centre in Obz to expose yourself to a World of new experiences with more than 280 Interactive Displays.

We all need food right, so why not start your own garden fresh and healthy living. There is an exhibition on the rights of Farm Workers with Human rights day just passed it is important for us all to KNOW OUR RIGHTS. Another cool product is the WonderBag follow the link to join the revolution

This is an interactive event with foodstalls, many exhibitions and ofcourse LIVE entertainment – The ENERGETIC Gang of Instumentals, Afrotropica – who make music out of recyclable material and the Father Son duo Jesse and Johnny Clegg to name but a few. All well presented by the crazy Siv Ngesi and Katlego Maboe as MC.

What you waiting for get down to Greenpoint Cricket Oval to join in the excitement that is Renewable Energy also do not forget EARTH HOUR tonight – peace 😉


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