Take The Lead

Inspired by movies like Take The Lead and the obvious  favourite classic Dirty Dancing after much debate with myself I decided to join a Salsa beginner class to see what it is like.


To my surprise I have rhythm haha :-D..1 2 3 – 5 6 7 yeah I know what happened to 4 right, uh I’m not sure once the beats became faster I got lost too o_O.

The class is fun and social with a nice warm up getting you in the groove then its on to the basic movements basically Jazz with a lift…yip I need to remember the lift. Men on one side ladies on the other – Ladies time to pick your partner and off we go moving those hips 5 minutes and the ladies move to the next partner like speeding dating adding dance into it.

I enjoyed the experience and it is a great boost of confidence when you start getting those movements even got some twists into it hmmmmm who  knows Strictly Come Dancing might see me soon ;-).


A great way to meet people, lots of laughter but also serious enough to learn something new to use when you want to woo that lady in the red dress on the dancefloor.

So I guess its safe to say, ladies… Shall We Dance? 😀


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