Dip it low

Situated about 20 minutes away from Cape Town hidden amid wheat fields, vineyards and
dairy pastures, looking
across to Table
Mountain, comes the extreme Faircape downhill challenge.


http://www.mycitybynight.co.za/faircape-downhill-challenge-2015 ?utm_content=buffer91bea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

With a speedy tail wind behind the skaters conditions were set for an epic day of skating, the road smooth, hay bales set for safety, spaceship looking helmets, longboards and leather outfits checked – Ready steady DIP IT LOW :-D.


This was the spectator bend a chilled picnic type of vibe with the pulse rising as the skaters come past at lightning speeds – the highest speed recorded being 105km – wow that must be some rush.

The RedBull armoured van pumping some jams between heats and speaking about heat there were refreshments on sale too other than cooldrink ;-).

Skateboarding is a popular culture in Cape Town especially Longboarding now in recent years, I spoke to some of the skaters and they are all excited about the sport explaining the feeling of adreneline as you ease into corners at high speeds. I also got some info on Promenade Mondays a social skate event which sounds awesome.


Life is all about balance especially in this sport if you lose concentration you might end up on the curb and that is no joke, the technical aspect of downhill longboarding seems abit hectic. Admiring to see the ladies also giving this sport a go and definitely look like they enjoyed their time on the 1.9km course.

An awesome action packed weekend of fun in the sun just like Cape Town adrenaline junkies like to offer their fans 😀


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