Aussie Rules

Co hosts Australia came into todays match as favourites and left it in that fashion as they outplayed Pakistan in the the third qaurter final match of the Cricket World Cup to set up a titanic clash against Champions India.


Not even Boom Boom Afridi could save the match for Pakistan as it was always going to be a tough ask to beat in-form Austalia on their home ground. It was the bowlers who made easy work of the Pakistan batting order holding them to a dismal score of 213 all out, Josh Hazlewood taking 4 wickets.

Pakistan knew what they needed to do and that was take early wickets to defend such a low score, 2 early wickets restricting Australia to 56/2 after 10 overs, it looked like they were still in the match but shocking fielding left them frustrated, 2 dropped catches I’m sure would’ve changed the game completely but this is the game of knockout cricket you either on form on the day or you are out.


Smith, Maxwell and Watson on point with the bat needed only 33.5 overs to post a score of 216 beating Pakistan by 6 wickets, even abit of on field banter by the Pakistani players did not deter a perfect performance by the Aussies….

I guess they just proved that Aussies Rule but is this enough to take them to the Final, the Semi-Final clash should be interesting.

Next up is neighbours New Zealand who host West Indies – Gayle Force winds predicted o_O.


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