Open Minded

Art has Infected the City in Cape Town taking it to the streets making it more accessible to all, my first time attending and if you asked me to describe it in one word I’d say – different o_O.

I invited my housemate telling him he needed some culture in his life but we were both weirdly surprised for what the night had in store for us.

The first performance in the Groote Kerk called Madness: A Preliminary Sketch I think the the first mistake we made was not to read the programme because watching the show drove me somewhat mad with confusion, don’t get me wrong it was awesome tingling all our senses from visual to sensory. The mixture of visual representation together with the chior, drums and violins made for an interesting production.

What is madness? In a society with mounting socio-economic needs and wants, bombarded with expectations and aspirations that seem impossible to satisfy, pitted against challenges that appear insurmountable, how might we understand madness in ways that are more progressive and emphatic?

Next up we all followed the leader to the next performance, I found this well organised and exciting keeping everyone together and safe. If you thought the first performance was confusing this one got more weird Siyaba – Found Among Translation – 1 Girl playing a violin and 3 Guys dancing to her tune the guys had moves that would put Chris Brown and Usher to shame but this was no Hip Hop show this was Art and yes it did move me especially the way that lady played that violin wow :-D.

From the Golden Acre Atrium we moved to the Cnr Longmarket & Parade Street where we were educated to the Uneducated schooling system that socialises us into conditional thinking, another mind-boggling performance but the message was clear and informative.

Just a few paces away we saw Ellipsis a somewhat disturbing perfomance or should I say what my friend described it as disturbing but weirdly arousing hahaha – The performance had a strong message about fitting in and self belief it was gripping stuff.

With the wind picking up it was getting abit chilly so once we got a dinner break we opted to make it a drinks break and bought a bottle of wine, after all those performance we needed something to help us wrap our minds against what we just witnessed.

The final few productions were performed in the Castle of GoodHope first  up we had the Analogue Eye -Video Art Africa – A mobile drive-in theatre and pop-up cinema experience – no one drove in so lets call it a sit-in o_O…. Im going to be honest and say I did not understand anything that was displayed on the screen and I’m sure I’m not the only one at one point we thought it was a social experiment to check a crowds tolerance levels. A montage of videos, some trippy visuals the wine was definitely not helping haha at least it warmed us abit against the wind.

The next perfomance I love you when you’re breathing, I think this was the best of the night my kind of art something I could understand 😀 – The Handspring Puppet Company brought out one of their puppets to give us a lecture on being an art critic, was pretty funny Chester Missing has some competition :-D. I loved the fact that they improvised and used the elements to there advantage.

Last but not least was Prayer to the New moon

New Moon yonder
take my face thither and give me thine
hold my face yonder
and all things which upset me

Half-animal half-human stilted beings doing a ritual to the moon all to the sounds of drums and trumpets in the middle of a ring of fire – amazing.

All in all this was an interesting night full of surprises some good and some just weird my first time at Infecting the city and yes I am Infected good thing is that it is on for the whole week and it is FREE

Follow the link below for the full programme and more info it is not to be missed enjoy 😉


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