Dare to Bare

Today I attended the 6th Annual World Naked Bike Ride in Cape Town – An initiative created to promote a safer environment for cyclists and freedom of expression.

Rocking up at the Seapoint Library car park on a hired Up Cycle  bicycle, they were kind enough to give me discount to join the ride :-D,

I was surprised by the number of people who came in support. I heard from one of the riders it started out with about 15 people 6 years ago today I saw probably more than 200 could be 1000 if I’m not mistaken hahaha this is a community on its own.

Ok I’m sure you wondering Naked Bike Ride, was there any nudity? uh yip there was it is your choice how dressed or uundressed you come the point is to participate in making cycling safer for all and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

This ride is not about nudity – it’s
about joining in a world wide
campaign/protest for the environment: we ride for cleaner energy, less reliance on fossil fuels, and to encourage more people to cycle!

It was a festive atmosphere riding through the streets of Cape Town all you hear is tring tring from the bells of cyclists as they cruise past you, onlookers taking pictures laughing and encouraging riders hopefully next year they will be brave enough to join this one of a kind event.

Cycling makes you tired, at the half way stop we got FREE pizza from Butlers Pizza to carbo load I mean some of us came to show off our bodies what better way to show off your one-pack than cycling with a pizza in your hand 😛 hahaha thank you for the craziness.

Some of the slogans on the naked bodies:
More Ass – Less Gas
Curb Car Cultures

We have such a beautiful city events like this make you appreciate your body and the environment so get out of your car once in a while and walk, jog, cycle whatever just get out there and take a breath of fresh air.

PS: No photos loaded because….

Remember no gawkers at the ride please. Come and participate: cycle, skate, unicycle, rollerblade, rollerskate,
run, jog, walk, push a wheelchair,
push a pram… Doesn’t matter how dressed or undressed you are… just take part! 😀


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