PechaKucha Night, now in over 700
cities , was devised in Tokyo in
February 2003 as an event for young
designers to meet , network , and
show their work in public .

The 32nd Pechakucha Night in Cape Town the MC was CARLahari :-D…yeah that magic guy from the advert. The Assembly was packed with a curious crowd many first timers like me probably not knowing what to expect other than what they heard from friends.

All I knew was that you get 20 seconds with 20 slides thats roughly 6 minutes to entertain, inspire or just sell yourself or product to the eager audience.

Tonight there were 9 speakers all with a different story to tell from Bipolar, children with hearing impairments to giving responsibly –

https://www​. giva .org.za

One guy even spoke “shit” on stage ok not  literally, he was actually informing about his project to help eleviate the social problem facing South Africa and the World, that is proper sanitation – I actually did a post on this for World Toilet Day: http://wp.me/p3Uk77-en

Another interesting topic was the fact that Opera is such a big thing in South Africa and that we are exporting our Opera singers across the World to perform – Keeping South African Flag flying high :-D.

Of all the noises known
to man, opera is the
most expensive. – Moliere

The night was inspiring and eye opening to the possibilities this world has to offer.

Not all those who wander
are lost. – J. R. R. Tolkien

Every one has a story to tell even if it is trying the impossible like putting 20 slides together and entertaining people with your humour by adding candyfloss in there hahaha.

All in all it ended of with the question – How memorable are you? – Well to me this night and event was pretty memorable, if you want to be inspired or just need a reason to get out and change the world make sure to visit the next one its free so –


Thank you 😉


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