Winds of Change

Another epic road trip not far out of Cape Town – Kingdom of Hearts welcomed revelers from across South Africa ok maybe even the World to stomp it out between the surrounding mountains and a beautiful ocean….


This was the setting of Masqued Ball 2015 brought to you by Alien Safari my first and it was awesome even the hectic wind did not deter the pranksters from doing there thing – being kids and enjoying the moment.

Why fit in when you are born to stand out.

This was a dress up party, from you typical Masqaurade ball mask to The Hulk and The Mask, even that thing from Saw made an appearance o_O – the ever popular Onesie never misses an outdoor party too :-D.

Mad conversations and weird and wonderful characters met, from the guy who talked to me about snake tits to the beautiful lady who gave me a random head massage on the dancefloor you are the souls who keep me coming back for more – the fire show was spectacular making my head spin with amazement. Welldone to that guy who got the jumping turn on that balancing thing in the foodcourt I’m sure it was caught on that GoPro :-D.


You have brains in your head – You have feet in your shoes – You can steer yourself in any direction you choose -You’re on your own…and you know what you know…and YOU are the one who’ll decide which way to go

Whichever way the wind blows it is your choice which way to go – be yourself and go after your dreams be it behind a mask like Batman or without one like Shaun – always remember to

Keep Calm and call Batman/Shaun 😀

Hahaha Thank you peeps for an amazing weekend much love and respect to you all.


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