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No Sound Without Silence

Their 2nd time round in South Africa and they came back to Rock Grandwest – Dublin Ireland not only famous for whiskey but also for THE SCRIPT


With an amazing opening performance by the 11th season American Idols winner, this guy is so good they named him twice Phillip Phillips the first time I heard him perform and he impressed loved the energy.

No sound without Silence….no way in hell were we going to be silent once The Script hit the stage screaming fans singing along to hit song after song, the energy was amazing. It felt like watching a live music video, We all cried together as Danny rocked the mic – The inspiring story of Man on a Wire together with the performance of the song was probably the best moment of the concert. That girl who got a phonecall from Danny with us all singing ‘Nothing’ was probably shocked hahaha o_O.


Live concerts are unpredictable that is why I love it you never know what to expect, amazing production…South Africa, Cape Town loves The Script and they showed it with literally 5 minutes of screaming almost bringing the lead singer to tears

Really felt like a superhero with my name in the HALL OF FAME…Thank you The Script and Cape Town for the amazing energy.


Cape Town 10s

2Days of Rugby, Netball thousands of spectators, Live Music, good food and ofcourse BEER – this is the Cape Town 10s set against the Backdrop of Cape Town Stadium and Table Mountain.


In its 7th year this tournament has grown from 24 teams  to 110 teams this year all teams vying for the coverted Cup in their division and some just there for the beer.

The biggest drawcard being the Veterans of the game with SA legends like Bob Skinstad, Bolla Conradie, Greame Smith and New Zealand Legend Christian Cullen all showing that if rugby runs through your veins you are never too old to take to the field.

With beer running through my veins this weekend became more festive, rugby was the last thing on my mind but to socialize with the amazing people of Cape Town especially the beautiful ladies 😀


When the rugby ended it was time to move to the Castle Beer tent where the afterparty took place names like Jack Parow, The Kiffness, Kurt Darren and more entertained the crazy crowd…walking into the Beer tent it sounded like bees everyone chatting and laughing and the sound of singing as someone downs a beer through a beer bong.

My first time at the Cape Town 10s and what an experience it was that I blacked out o_O – I can’t even blame Eskom this time it was Black Label hahaha

At least I remember some of my experience and it was fun next time I’m jumping in those jacuzzi’s 😀

Tame the BEAST

“Pain is
Temporary, pride
is forever” – unkown

Gladiators ARE YOU READY….or should I say SOUTH AFRICANS ARE YOU READY – in just a few months time SA will be unleashing their newest and most challenging obstacle course called THE BEAST.

“There are plenty
of dificult
obstacles in your
path. Don’t allow
yourself to
become one of
them.” – Ralph Marston

When I saw the name I had to find out what this is about, with a countdown ticking on the website you can feel the excitement flowing through your veins if you an adrenaline junkie like myself who likes to challenge themselves with new things and face fears (at least thats what I tell myself o_O). – If you believe it you can achieve it – the mind is powerful, this obstacle course looks not only to challenge you physically but also mentally. This is not a race but a challenge its only you against THE BEAST.

This is set to be a fun-filled wet and wild, action packed weekend whether you new to obstacle racing or a veteren there is something for all fitness levels so save the date 11 April 2015 for it is going to be a cracker.

Follow the link below for more info:

Remember to prepare your mind for…

“Its about mind
over matter. If you
don’t mind, it
don’t matter” – unknown


The Rockets

A night under the stars jamming to the sounds of Rockets….THE ROCKETS to be exact, before last night if you asked me who The Rockets are I’d have told you I have no idea probably some group singing music wat my ouma en oupa geluister het o_O.

Again I was surprised ok the crowd were mostly older generation but with a perfect setting like the Taal Monument in Paarl en ‘n bietjie ‘coooooldrink’ en snacks in a picnic setting proves that age don’t matter music brings people together and breaks barriers. The Rockets entered the stage area in their suits, white shirts and green ties and from thier first medley of songs to the last had the crowd on their feet it was like a live kareoke evening.


Live events are unpredictable the sound went out for a few minutes in the first half but with the popular songs that were sung the crowd filled in the gaps hahaha. From Ed Sheeran, John Legend to boy bands Westlife and more we were entertained to the max loved every minute of this concert.

They had a special guest I don’t know if it was planned maar antie Sharleen Surtie
Richards kan darm vir jou ‘n leka joke vertel en sy is so plat op die aarde soos ‘n kalahari boesman maar met gladde hare, sytie daai hare by pick ‘n pay gekoep nie o no :-D.

The second half saw The Rockets change their shirt and ties to black and red…I heard in the crowd “Ek wonne of hulle, hulle onnebroeke gechangit” – hahaha net innie kaap sal djy sukke goed hoor. The second half continued with the same energy as the first the lead singer jumping around getting the crowd pumped with his dance moves.

From a medley of Bob Marley, Love songs and a finale of the king of pop himself Micheal Jackson – 4 hours of awesome entertainment :-D…

..As djy my nou vra wie die Rockets is sal ek nog altyd sè ek weet nie maar een ding is vir seker hulle ROCK behoorlik 😀