Night at the Museum

Unlike in the movie it was not the exhibits in the museums that came alive but in was the street itself, the streets surrounding the 6 participating museums were packed with people from all walks of life all wanting to be part of this awesome experience infecting the city.

When I first heard about the Museum Night my first thought was I need to go to the Iziko Planetarium as the last time I was there was in primary school. The show played was called Full Circle: Star lore comes back to Africa giving us a history lesson exploring our universe through the stars, I’ve always been abit of a stargazer thinking what is out there, who is looking at that same star as me in another country at that exact moment o_O…in the programme it says

‘Will the Square Kilometre Array – the biggest assembly of telescopes in history – finally answer the all-important question: Where do we come from? Or will we carry on dreaming?’ 

For know I think I’ll carry on dreaming :-D.


The next stop on my list was the Jewish Museum but before we got there we took a detour into the Iziko South African National Gallery, here for me this was abit of a culture shock I admit I am no art fundi, I do appreciate art though but to be honest the Time and Again: A retrospective exhibition by Penny Siopis was abit creepy or even weird. Don’t get me wrong the exhibition is amazing especially the glue and ink collaboration but the subjects are too much, some of it gory to say the least…I guess this is what it is like visiting a museum at night hahaha.

My first time at The South African Jewish Museum and it was too short I used this opportunity as an introduction I guess because there is so much history in this museum you cannot take ecperience it properly in one night. The museum is visually stimulating, on the bottom floor you are  literally immersed in history walking through a Jewish Shtetl, the model of Jerusalem  is also cool.

Each museum has its own unique story tonight was a great introduction for individuals to experience something different in a safe environment meeting people and just enjoying what Cape Town has to offer, all for free.

The organisers did an amazing job and I hope this is not the last as I still have 3 museums I need to go to :-D.

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