Everything is Awesome

Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part
of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re
living out a dreams…

Nathan Sawaya is definitely living that dream by doing what he loves and that is playing and building….


..these awe-inspiring designs. This is all made out of LEGO®, yes thats right those blocks you played with as a kid thousands of tiny blocks put together to create a masterpiece.

He creates these designs finding inspiration out of everyday situations and life in general, the exhibition is not only for visual enjoyment but also inspiring. His story is one of following your dreams however crazy it is, he saw that some of these pieces were put onto canvas, marble or even paper..

Art nurtues the brain. Whether made from clay, wood, paint or a modern-day toy.

..but no one ever tried LEGO® hmmmm why not let me do it, this was probably his thought and it all started with…


Dreams are built….one brick at a time! – Nathan Sawaya

There is nothing better to describe this exhibition but with the words of Batman in the LEGO® Movie…’By GOSH’ it is amazing, from famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and Whistlers Mother to the statue of David all put together with perfect precision..

Create what you see.
Create what you feel.
Create what you have never seen.
Just Create. – Nathan Sawaya

Every piece has a story and it is described on the wall – Nathan Sawaya literally has the world at his feet he even has the privilege of picking it up and swirling it around in the palm of his hands…


Swim against the current
Follow your own path
find the courage within!

Your mind can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy – it is your choice, Nathan Sawaya chose to follow his dream and let the men inside his head loose and inspire young and old alike to visualise something different, something AWESOME.


Over 80 unique pieces thousands of hours and over a million LEGO® bricks used, this is definitely one exhibition not to be missed you will definitely be amazed 

Thank you for exposing us to your amazing world I am sure every person who walks out of this exhibition is as inspired as I am to…


..break free 😀

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