Whether you lovestruck or just looking for a spot to hang out with family and friends the Moonstruck concert at Clifton 4th beach was the place to be. Situated at one of the worlds most beautiful beaches people came in there numbers to enjoy the fine weather and music provided by Freshlyground and it was all free hosted by Cape Talk and Discovery in support of the NSRI.

The setting was perfect for a picnic and relaxed afternoon, ok the water is not the warmest but that didn’t stop people from taking a dip in the ocean a refreshing swim is always good for you right :-D.

Freshlyground entertained us with some of their most popular songs, even got the 2010 spirit going when they delivered the World Cup theme song WAKA WAKA – I think I saw Shakira too…ok just kidding Cape Town has hotter woman ;-).

Once the sunset the glowsticks came out and some candles which lit the area bringing about a carnivalistic atmosphere  with people laughing and dancing basically having a great time with friends family.


This is definitely something different and fun for the whole family just remember to come early as it gets pretty packed.

Thank You Cape Town and respect to the NSRI for the work that they perform in keeping the ocean safe for all.

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