State Of The Nation

The speaker of the national assembly….and all other important people in our country

We are gathered here today to address the public in the State of our Nation – A nation of rich history, A nation of pride, A nation of stuggle hero’s turning in their graves at the site of the events that unfolded today….

Opposition parties escorted out of parlaiment, screams of give back our money, bring back the signal – complaints of no bottled water when there are thousands of people without proper running water, jokes of no service delivery in Parlaiment when the real crisis is right under their noses.

All this before our President could deliver his speech to a nation, this is suppose to be a speech of hope but what hope is there when Parlaiment laughs at our sporting hero’s, fails to deliver basic services on ground level.

The class of 2014 national Matric pass rate dropped and still textbooks are not being delivered on-time – new universities are being opened but what is the point if the quality of passes are not up to standard. To me the governments focus is more on qauntity than on qaulity.

Yes we were happy that the petrol price dropped but food prices stayed the same, My Citi busses are on an ongoing strike and Metrorail still apologising for delays – to ensure growth in the economy transport is a major factor in my opinion ok I am speaking from the Western.Cape but I am sure the problems experienced are Nationwide.

Gangsterism, drug abuse and violence against women and children are rife, yes there are increases in people being arrested but how many crimes go unreported because there is no faith in our policing system.

On a postive note South Africa is home to Miss World, Ms Rolene
Strauss. and the world’s best swimmer for 2014,
by the International Swimming
Federation, Chad Le Clos. We are a sport loving nation and through sport it brings people together therefore we encourage and support the Protea’s and The Bokke as they look to be World Champions this year.

Alot has been said, and alot of emotion portrayed but another positive note, we had no powercuts – let me not talk too soon it is Friday the 13th tomorrow after all….remember…

..Together we move South Africa

I thank you. – PS: The speech can be read in 10 minutes o_O

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