Cape Town 10s

2Days of Rugby, Netball thousands of spectators, Live Music, good food and ofcourse BEER – this is the Cape Town 10s set against the Backdrop of Cape Town Stadium and Table Mountain.


In its 7th year this tournament has grown from 24 teams  to 110 teams this year all teams vying for the coverted Cup in their division and some just there for the beer.

The biggest drawcard being the Veterans of the game with SA legends like Bob Skinstad, Bolla Conradie, Greame Smith and New Zealand Legend Christian Cullen all showing that if rugby runs through your veins you are never too old to take to the field.

With beer running through my veins this weekend became more festive, rugby was the last thing on my mind but to socialize with the amazing people of Cape Town especially the beautiful ladies 😀


When the rugby ended it was time to move to the Castle Beer tent where the afterparty took place names like Jack Parow, The Kiffness, Kurt Darren and more entertained the crazy crowd…walking into the Beer tent it sounded like bees everyone chatting and laughing and the sound of singing as someone downs a beer through a beer bong.

My first time at the Cape Town 10s and what an experience it was that I blacked out o_O – I can’t even blame Eskom this time it was Black Label hahaha

At least I remember some of my experience and it was fun next time I’m jumping in those jacuzzi’s 😀


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