The Rockets

A night under the stars jamming to the sounds of Rockets….THE ROCKETS to be exact, before last night if you asked me who The Rockets are I’d have told you I have no idea probably some group singing music wat my ouma en oupa geluister het o_O.

Again I was surprised ok the crowd were mostly older generation but with a perfect setting like the Taal Monument in Paarl en ‘n bietjie ‘coooooldrink’ en snacks in a picnic setting proves that age don’t matter music brings people together and breaks barriers. The Rockets entered the stage area in their suits, white shirts and green ties and from thier first medley of songs to the last had the crowd on their feet it was like a live kareoke evening.


Live events are unpredictable the sound went out for a few minutes in the first half but with the popular songs that were sung the crowd filled in the gaps hahaha. From Ed Sheeran, John Legend to boy bands Westlife and more we were entertained to the max loved every minute of this concert.

They had a special guest I don’t know if it was planned maar antie Sharleen Surtie
Richards kan darm vir jou ‘n leka joke vertel en sy is so plat op die aarde soos ‘n kalahari boesman maar met gladde hare, sytie daai hare by pick ‘n pay gekoep nie o no :-D.

The second half saw The Rockets change their shirt and ties to black and red…I heard in the crowd “Ek wonne of hulle, hulle onnebroeke gechangit” – hahaha net innie kaap sal djy sukke goed hoor. The second half continued with the same energy as the first the lead singer jumping around getting the crowd pumped with his dance moves.

From a medley of Bob Marley, Love songs and a finale of the king of pop himself Micheal Jackson – 4 hours of awesome entertainment :-D…

..As djy my nou vra wie die Rockets is sal ek nog altyd sè ek weet nie maar een ding is vir seker hulle ROCK behoorlik 😀


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