Jamaica me crazy

One Love
One Heart
Lets get together and

Ok before we get there let me tell you what a mission it was finding this place…either I was not good at geography (which I did not do by the way), or my friends are bad with directions haha but I found the place eventually. Not faster than Usain Bolt though but in the words of Shaggy – ‘It Wasn’t Me’ – When I finally got to the place I walked through the door with the swag of Chris Gayle :-D.

Ok this might sound foreign to you so let me fill you in, we went to a resturant called Jamaica me Crazy for my freinds crown birthday and we had a JAMMIN time, amazing company, good food and ofcourse rum :-D…


…nah just kidding but we did have a Tester Tray 10 Shots ok make that 20 Shots of craft beer because it is a Tuesday and we are thirsty o_O

An awesome place, an IRIE atmosphere just to JOOKS and SKANK if you want, just make sure it is with a LONG BELLY and not a BISCUIT o_O. Always remember to relax and SKIN YOUR TEETH.

I am glad we did this otherwise I would’ve just been upset watching Bafana lose to Ghana, I hope they have a COOL RUNNINGS back to South Africa with no trophy. They JAMAICA ME CRAZY man, I was hoping they would at least make it to the final and MASH IT UP…but


I will rather leave you with these parting words of the legendary BOB MARLEY

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love”


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