Summer Series


A bumper season of International Hockey has graced our beautiful city of Cape Town and as you know by now I’m always game for sports 😀

It was the ladies from SA who took on the ladies from Chile on a rather overcast summers day. I’m not really that clued up on hockey but I do know alittle bit so it was not totally foreign to me except for the language of the players from Chile :-D.


The first quarter saw both teams competing but no one breaking the deadlock leaving the score 0-0, after a short break I think the coach’s words stung hard on the SA team as they came into the half guns blazing scoring in the first minute of the second quarter. It got more exciting as the crowd got behind the girls they added another 2 goals to end the half at 3-0.

Sides changed and the second half got underway, the SA girls were not holding anything back giving the Chillian goalkeeper a hardtime, Candice Manuel adding her second of the match coming on as a substitute to score with her first touch at this point the score was 5-0. Erin Hunter added to the score line to end the third quarter at 6-0.

The fourth and last quarter saw fatigue set in but with a 6 goal cushion I think they were safe the final score ended 6-0 to team SA – Weldone ladies :-D.

One thing I must mention is that those ladies from Chile are hot reminding me of that pick up line in Bakgat – “Is jou pa se toti ‘n CHILE want jy is fokken hot” o_O hahaha only in South Africa


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