Irish Whip


The second match I watched it was time for the boys or let me say men to come out and play – it was Team SA vs Ireland.

With the formalities of two Irish players getting awarded their 50th and 100th international caps and an epic national anthem we were in for an exciting game indeed as both teams came off a 2-2 draw in thier previous game.

The sun starting to set, floodlights on and the wind picking up things on the field were about to get heated up. It was Team SA who scored first in a tough first quarter not easy to call.
The second quarter was all Ireland as they equalised and added a second to make the score 2-1. The Irish team were playing some good  crossfield balls in the air, I think this was their gameplan. In the third quarter all you heard were sticks clanking against each other as the game got more physical, it was like a mixture of basketball and tennis o_O. The score ended 2-2.


The fourth and final qaurter was the most exciting as the crowd got anxious with Ireland adding 2 goals making the scoreline 4-2 – only minutes left in the game SA took off their goalie to give them more outfield players this tactic worked as they came back making the score 4-4 but a lapse in concentration at the back with  literally 10 seconds left in the match they were IRISH whipped and lost 5-4.

What a night of action packed International hockey, not everyday that you get to see the best compete right infront of your doorstep. 😀


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