I am Somebody because…

I Am – Somebody
by Reverend William H. Borders,

I Am Somebody
I Am Somebody
I May Be Poor
But I Am Somebody
I May Be Young
But I Am Somebody
I May Be On Welfare
But I Am Somebody
I May Be Small
But I Am Somebody
I May Make A Mistake
But I Am Somebody
My Clothes Are Different
My Face Is Different
My Hair Is Different
But I Am Somebody
I Am Black,
Brown, White
I Speak A Different Language
But I Must Be Respected
Protected Never Rejected
I Am God’s Child
I Am Somebody

I attended a the Annual Storytelling Gathering of I am Somebody this past weekend, a Non-profit Organisation that aims to help people achieve their potential through  different methods, storytelling being one of them…


We all gathered in a circle around a centre piece of objects to be used as talking sticks – a circle representing life, there is no end, you are put on this earth as a vessel to prepare yourself for the afterlife – finding your purpose should be the main objective through pray and gratitude will this be revealed.

“Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart larger” – Ben Okri

I had no idea what to expect at first I was under the impression it would be like stories around a campfire but to my welcoming surprise it was an eyeopener and an emotional experience. I realised that each and everyone has a story to tell and that sharing stories with strangers can not only heal old wounds but also help as a motivation to move on and overcome new challenges.

Like a compass we move from the SOUTH which is represented by the feeling of being a child free and playful to the WEST which becomes darker and more serious, this is where you really open up and release all your fears. The NORTH represents gratitude and thankfulness also an opportunity to reflect on the hardships and using this to give back to someone who may be in a similiar situation. Finally we come to the EAST where the sun rises, a new day – new challenges but also seen as opportunities to change the world. Each new day is like a blank page for you to create your own story.

I really enjoyed this experience it helped me a lot in my journey of self discovery – one step at a time we learn new things as we  take ourselves out of our comfort zones and by just showing up we grow as individuals and hopefully through sharing our stories we are able to help another.

I am Somebody because…I am an individual strong and greatful for life and thankful for opportunities like this to meet new people and share in their experiences in a mutually benificial exchange of stories.

I am Somebody because…I am on a road of self discovery, a road travelled by many but also by none – a straight but also winding path through valleys and hills but..

Even though I
walk through
the darkest valley,
I will fear no
evil, for you are
with me;.your rod and
your staff,
they comfort mePsalm 23 v 4

For more information on this organisation follow the link below:


1 thought on “I am Somebody because…

  1. Tana Paddock

    Thank you for this Shaun. This experience certainly did expand my heart. As I cycled home after the gathering I found myself looking at everyone I passed on the street with a more open heart and with more curiosity, wondering what stories they were holding inside.


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