Open Streets

Today Cape Town took back the streets from pollution and made it walker friendly…


Walk, jog, crawl any means of transport from a bicycle to longboard is welcome as long as it is not a car – I’m sure if there was a river a canoe would be welcome too haha :-D. This is an awesome way to get people active and also a way for capetonians and foreigners to interact in an open environment showcasing freedom. Feel free to…


..Walk among Giants πŸ˜‰

Many different activities were displayed some interactive an some just for your viewing pleasure from Yoga, Capoeira to Pole Dancing (No pictures posted for obvious reasons – kids might be reading o_O). Chiors soothing your souls with their beautiful voices and for the brainiacs there was even some Chess – yes Chess is Life.

I found a interesting new game think beach frizby and soccer mixed – you get Cape Town Ulitimate yip I’m sure many of you are like me and confused well this looks cool and definitely something you want to try if you like different, normal is so mainstream right πŸ˜€


Some people even took a stand to have there voices heard against abortion and the dreadful scenes in Boko Haram, with so many foot traffic people are bound to notice a good cause – I also like the graffiti artist bringing their own canvas to have their say too.


Kid: “It’s so cool here, Mommy can we come back tomorrow” – I agree with this kid it is a cool initiative and I hope it is not the last..

Thank You Cape Town you are awesome πŸ˜€

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