Killed on common ground

They say if you are not willing to change the world around you will, this is what happened to me as I took part in my first Rondebosch Common park run due to the Greenpoint run being cancelled because of the ANC celebrations.


On a beautiful summers morning just like Cape Town can provide the run took us twice around the common, it was tougher than I thought, I guess I shouldn’t have went for that third helping of trifle over the festive season o_O. I enjoyed the run and even though it was not my best I decided to take in the scenery and smell the fresh air as one does on a park run. I like the fact that it is semi competitive, you against the clock, you only have yourself to beat so why not enjoy the view while you at it :-D.

For the super elite park runners Adidas were once again stationed at the start/finish line to give you that extra boost by allowing you to test there product in the hopes of beating your personal best.

To be honest the common killed me I blame it on the festive season and yesterdays legs day in the gym because everyone knows you never skip leg day hahaha…ok enough with the excuses but one thing is for sure,



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