Capture The Moment

My third time visiting the Wildlife photography of the year exhibition at the Cape Town Museum and it amazes me everytime, this year was the 50th celebration, talk about 3rd time lucky :-D.

A picture is worth a thousand words but with these pictures your words are taken away, you are left breathless at the length and breath it took for these artists to capture that perfect moment. Each picture has a description of the effort it took for that perfect image from the flow of lava in Hawaii to a close up of a snake, there are even animals I have never heard of like a glass frog o_O. The Northern Lights in Iceland always makes an appearance, I added this to one of the places I need to visit to experience this for myself who knows I might just capture my own perfect image ;-).

What I love about this exhibition are the categories of first shoots 15-17, 11-14 and 10 years and younger, give a child a camera and you will be amazed at what you will get, the imagination and sense of adventure of a child is awe-inspiring.

With Wildlife you will always get the controversial photograpghs of the violence against certain species particularly sharks, rhino’s and the destruction of the amazon rain forest, the photo’s are amazing but the subject is saddening.

All in all this exhibition is an educational experience that takes you places you would never imagine enticing all your senses – recommended for all :-D…go out there and..

Capture The Moment.

Ps: No pictures added, you need to experience this for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Capture The Moment

  1. chavonnesm

    Hi Shaun, thanks for the great review, we pleased you enjoyed it and recommend others visit. Please note the exhibition is hosted at the Chavonnes Battery Museum, Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront. (Behind CT Fish Market – Look for the cannons) Ph: 021 416 6230

    1. shaunjengel Post author

      Hi There

      Thank you and it is a pleasure. I know the venue changed, the post above is from the previous exhibitions. I am still to visit the current one soon and will post a new review, I’m sure I’ll be inspired by the awesome photography – Happy New Year


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