Battle of the Five Lessons

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

I have read the book and just watched the last movie of the Hobbit, man was I amazed at how they intepreted the book so perfectly. You may argue that they added and took parts away altered the story line abit, more violent but all these added to an amazing time spent at the big screen. I have watched movies based on books before and always argued that the books were better, this is still true as your imagination is your best tool of defence against an ever changing world but in this case The Hobbit gave me a slight glimmer of hope that I might be wrong o_O. I’ll share some of the lessons I learnt out of the book and movies.

A small man with a big heart and feet – COURAGE and BRAVERY a lesson learnt that it does not matter the size of your fists but if you fight with heart and a goal you are powerful.

“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings”

GREED is real and dangerous, do not go in pursuit of money but rather in pursuit of happiness once you have found what you love and are good at what you do, money will follow. Once you have money never lose your humility stay true to yourself.

FRIENDSHIP and family are powerful forces in our lives you cannot choose your family they will stand by you no matter what battles you face but your friends, choose wisely some will come and go but the true friends will stand by you. These are the friends you should treasure. Always be open and honest with friends and family.

LOVE with passion, love has no boundries there is someone for everyone. Why is it so painful you may ask, because it is real – Love is an amazing feeling that should not be held back but spread. Love is a verb so do not be afraid to tell someone you Love them – life is short spend it with people you love.

Battle of the five armies above are my five lessons I took out of this movie – great movie all 3 of them but the book is recommended to step into the shoes…uh I mean feet of Bilbo Baggins and start an adventure of a lifetime, step outside your comfort zone this is where life begins.

The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there – Gandalf


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