Maagie vol Oogies toe

All good things come to an end, weeks of preperation, shopping and stressing over what to buy and how to prepare this and that. Last minute rush for presents or crackers for Christmas Lunch.

Im sure it was all worth it in the end when you saw the faces on the families faces, seeing their eyes light up once the wrapping came off the presents :-D. The pleasure seen by a child when they open up their gift is the best feeling, the innocence and appreciation they show will touch even the hardest of hearts pulling those strings to the limit.

– Do people eat breakfast on Christmas day? –

The smell of the Christmas lunch comes in at a close second, for some this is what we have been waiting for whole year, gammon, turkey and all types of salads fresh from woolworths ;-)…but in Elim its fresh from the garden :-P. Don’t forget the best part TRIFLE the best pudding ever because it has alcohol in it and your parents don’t mind hahaha some peoples hands are heavy so after the pudding the conversations change drastically words slurring hahaha :-D.


In typical South African fashion we are poured with showers of blessings on Christmas day, we might not get a white christmas but I’d prefer summer rain over ice anyday (I’d like to experience a white christmas one day though). As die maagie leka vol is val die oé mos toe a christmas day always feels like sunday…but thats how holidays are, days are not important right.

Well today is boxing day as I’m writing this post I’m glad I bought a present for the house – 2ply toilet paper and airfreshner hahaha Merry Christmas and now the focus turns to those New Years parties – Stay Safe 😉

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