Not so Secret Santa

Staying in a small community like Elim there are certian traditions that are followed, last night was one of them. It was the night the children got to meet Santa :-D. (albeit someone that they know from the community)


Jingle bells jingle bells Jingle all the way O what fun it is to see Santa on his one tractor open trailer 😀

The sweet sound of Christmas Carols wishing everyone a Merry Christmas filled the not so silent night sky as the tractor was driven through the streets where they hand delivered presents to each child who was lucky enough to be good this year en as jy nou rerig goed was het jy ‘n halwe skaap gewen (terms and conditions apply 😀 ). As ek moré skaap tjops ryk weet ek waar ek gaan Christmas lunch eet.

Another tradition that is followed is the chopping and decorating of your own real Christmas tree this is something I grew up with and have the scars on my fingers to prove it :-D.


Daar is sy mooi opgedoen nou moet ons net die laaste presents opwrap dan kan die Christmas gees maar begin 😀

Geluk oppie ‘Ou’ Christmas laat hy val waar hy wil….of is dit te vroeg om die luck uit te bring 😀 – sal maar cheers met ‘n bietjie koffee 😉

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