Back by popular demand


If you are from Cape Town I’m sure you will recognise this seat, yip this is the hotseat where stories have been shared for the past 15 years.

David and Oscar have shared their experiences together with the hilarious Boeta Joe and Boeta Gamat to sold out audiences across the country with thier authentic humour straight out the Cape Flats. In Joe Barber VI Life we are exposed to a different kind of experience, keeping with the changing times technology is the main emphasis from FaceTime to getting your license all packed in 130 minutes of side splitting laughter.

There is a new character too someone I never saw before but soos Outjie sal se is sy ‘n bietjie van ‘n ‘dakskroef’ haha en ek praatie van Washiela nie.

This production has come a long way since their first show to one person in the audience in Joe Barber 1 where we were taken to the galaxy days, Joe Barber 2 which I have no idea what it is  about to be honest didn’t even know there was a second one o_O. The third one saw us don our old school ties in a High School reunion which for me was the best one to watch live as it was interactive with the whole audience getting involved.

Since its debut, the original
production (titled Meet Joe Barber) has enjoyed a number of sequels – namely Joe Barber and Boeta Gamat.Too, Joe Barber 3: The Family
Affair , Joe Barber 4 The People and.Joe Barber 5: School Cuts

Ek het gou gegoogle soos Boeta Gamat gesé dit hy hou van lees maar as hy nie van iets weet nie den he will google it sorry for the error above but djy sal sien all die anne previous productions van Joe Barber en My Barber is ya stiek uit ints ints ints. It was nommer 5 wat die School Reunion geweesit sorry man ek was in aandklas 😀

I felt abit sentimental as it seemed like this was the last we will be seeing Boeta Joe and Boeta Gamat on stage as they are trying to make it big on TV miskien is daar soma ‘n julle series wat julle kan download innie future hulle is mos Do’ers en nie doose nie hahahaha.

Well worth your time so kry maar jou cash en kry jou kop reg vir ‘n leka TV haircut no cheques accepted so voetjek met jou tjek cos cash is king 😀


Ek het mos vir julle gesè ek gaan ‘n regte picture vat saamie legend gee vir die bra ‘n OSCAR.

and last but not least…..


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