King Cobra


With South Africa taking on the West Indies in a series of Test matches it is the start of Cricket Season strap on your white clothes, pads and helmet want hier kom groot dinge, anyways closer to home with the smell of beer brewing in Newlands the local boykies are taking on a test of their own against the Highveld Lions.

Ek hoor mos is verneit toe moet ek mos kom support issie elke dag dat jy jou holwange op elke seat in Newlands kan sit nie 😀

Obviously my support is for the Cobra’s on day 2 things are looking abit bleak though with the Lions putting up a score of 413, at the moment the Cobra’s are on 93-4 come on Boykies spit some venom into those Lions….kill them dead o_O

I never really liked watching cricket live jy kannie eens die ball sienie maar jy moet wakker wees want as jy net hoor bat on ball kan it dalk ‘n ses wees that is why I love the shorter version T20.


Jus look at that view magnificent right – Welcome to Cape Town howzit 😉

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