Tap Out


The Coca Cola Dome was once  again host to the biggest Mixed martial arts contest in Africa this is EFC Worldwide 36 – The maincard fight being the Featherweight title defence of Boyd Allen.

12 fights in a packed Coca Cola Dome the last one for 2014 this has been one successful year for the EFC going Worldwide recently and only growing, Africa will soon compete against the best in the UFC.

I was only really interested in the last fight but got a glimpse of the MainCard fight which ended in the first round Marino Cutendana winning with a nice armbar on Oumpie Sebeko


Wade Groth always comes with a new hairstyle. Today he matched his purple shorts to his purple mohawk. He was determined to cause an upset and go into the new year the new Featherweight Champ but..


..It all came together like Boyd Allen’s entrance song by the Beatles, 5 Round title fight ended in the first round after Allen caught Groth with a right. Groth’s legs gave way. but he recovered and they clinched up.

Allen went for the take down landing some big shots on Groth, the chokehold hooked in giving Groth no chance but to Tap Out

Allen cements his legacy as the featherweight champion!

“Think I just caught him with a nice sweet one. He will come back stronger next time” – Allen

This year had some amazing bouts this being EFC36 I only got interested when I watched EFC30 live in Grandwest Cape Town – this is one of the fastest growing sports in Africa and now that they went Worldwide I am excited to see what 2015 holds and hope to see more title fights in Cape Town 😀


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