PE hier kom ons

After months of preparation  the day has finally arrived when we leave on a family roadtrip, cousins and friends all looking forward to an awesome weekend of family bonding and Rugby ofcourse….yip you guessed it all roads lead to PE because this is the place to BE  :-D.


Getting this extended weekend together took many hours of planning, leave had to be organised, meetings about who doing what and when, frustrations and emotions running wild but come on in the end this will only bring us closer as a family. I never knew a roadtrip was this stressful, 8 people all have an opinion that is why I love Survivor you have to know when to act and when to sit back and just observe, your opinion will count in the end and that is when you win the million dollar prize in this case it is seeing the Blitzbokke take the PE sevens crown this weekend 😀

Driving to PE in the night is no joke especially if it is in a newly hired van, we all took turns 2 hour shifts at each stop is almal wakker gee net 10 minute weer op die pad dan raak hulle still, ons het almal ‘n lank jaar gehad so this weekend is a blessing in disguise :-).

Finally after +-8 hours on the road we arrived safe and sound in the ‘windy’ city of PE, a spur breakfast in our stomachs – food shopping and ‘Cooooldrinks’ bought we are ready to get this weekend started as I’m writing this post this is my view from our accommodation.


PE ons is hier en ons gaan ons lyf ‘n leka tyd gee 😀


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