SuperCar Saturday

Supercar Saturdays is a diverse
event, with everything from classics and muscle cars to exotics and high-end luxury cars.

Today is the second SuperCar Saturday run, it started at Woodbridge Island Milnerton and is expected to end in Franschoek. When I heard about this event I was expecting Lambo’s and a Koenigsegg ok not really but I did see a Ferrari and a awesome looking Audi TT with a personalized numberplate UENVME – uh I’m sure many of us do…


All cars are privately owned so the attendance depends on the owners but I’m sure some will join on the way I mean a supercar isn’t exactly cheap on petrol right o_O


Expect some high reving motors if you are enroute to Franshoek give them a hoot but don’t blink because you might just miss them 😀 – Vroom Vroom gentleman start your engines


I would’ve joined with my Audi RS6 but it was too dirty maybe next time I’ll lead the pack haha (dreams are good for you 😀 ) – For know I’ll leave it up to this car to take the lead..


or maybe these two bad boys


Life’s a journey….in a SuperCar you will definitely enjoy the ride 😀


2 thoughts on “SuperCar Saturday

  1. Supercar Saturdays CT

    Thanks or coming down and supporting the event Shaun! We look forward to having you join us on the next one.


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