Beach Clean Up

So im sitting at Milnerton beach just enjoying the view..


Cape Town beaches are really beautiful right…I see a couple of people getting gloves and bags and they start walking down the beach cleaning up, this is an opportunity to make a difference I think, and up I get to join :-D.


You’ll be amazed at the amount of waste you will find in a small radius and it is not the big items that are a concern it is small items like plastic bottle caps and lollipop sticks these things are dangerous to the sea creatures, they have a life to live too.


Seeing that Eskom has decided to hit us with blackouts why not gather a group of friends and join you don’t need light to help – Why not you be the light and keep our beaches clean, we all love to tan on a clean looking beach right ;-). Next time you decide to throw your paper on the floor or any other rubbish think twice and spare a thought for those hard workers cleaning up after you.

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure…until you find a onnebroek o_O nee man sies o bra djy kan mos gewagit tot byrie huis ow.


Great work all volunteers  young and old this was really a good fulfilling experience knowing that I helped, however small a role it was, in making a difference.

Check out the website below for more info

2 thoughts on “Beach Clean Up

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