Fine Art

On the First Thursday of every month Cape Town CBD turns into an art lovers paradise with many art galleries open till late.

I only read about this so I decided to gather some friends and check it out, what I know about art is dangerous though mention Leonardo, Van Gogh and those other mense and I think about Ninja Turtles o_O…but if you are like me there are alway the bars uh drinking a beer is an artform too right :-D.

In the spirit of Fine Art I was on a mission to find “Whistlers Mother” and just look at the painting (Mr Bean Fans will get that) – What I did find though was a great atmosphere it was a voyage of a different kind with some powerful artpieces. This is definitely a cool initiative for people from different backgrounds to experience art and meet new people, we met Daniel a street artist who drew a picture of the birth of Jesus in pen this was an amazing piece of work I hope he gets spotted he definitely has talent. If you are lucky you might just find yourself in a random photoshoot too…


In the spirit of trying new things we went to a resturant called WOZA totally worthit if you want a good filling meal AFRICAN style 😀

‘We make our food with the best meat and the most aMAIZing mealies, YUMMY real flavour. We source the freshest veggies in Africa, straight from the plot to the pot. Don’t be a MAMPARA and miss out on the taste of something real EISH this meal is for sharing and savouring let life slow down so you can enjoy some AFRICAN time at its tastiest.’


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