One Love – One People

1 December marks the Emancipation of Slavery: 1834 – 2014..180 years of freedom from the shackles that kept these people from walking around freely.

To commemorate this day a walk through the historical slave monuments all around Cape Town under the guidance of a brass band, people from all ages enjoying a walk down memory lane in rememberance of freedom. There are many historical dates in history in our country which should be upheld, yes we cant live in the past but we can learn from it and we can also respect the memory in this manner for our future generations to not become a lost society or “brainless” technologically dependant society. Word of mouth is more important, to me this expression from the tongue of someone who feels the need to share a message is more powerful than seeing it on tv.

The walk ended at midnight with a picnic in the Castle of Good Hope, poetry and live musical performances under the stars and moonlit sky, the ancestors blessed us with no wind too – Daar was ‘n diep stilte en ons het alles gehoor.

The Moon was healing our bodies for the moon is strong through this strength people from all walks of life were one – Daais die moove ons


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