Hola Jillian

So it has finally become a reality that our youngest cousin will be travelling to Columbia in an exchange programme based on experiencing a different culture and like she put it – getting out of your comfort zone.

Move out of your comfort
zone. You can only grow if
you are willing to feel
awkward and uncomfortable
when you try something
new. – Brian Tracy

Many of us only wish for opportunties like this but now you have it and knowing your personality you earned it, take this and and all the experiences that may come your way and grab it with both hands. Be true to yourself and even though you are in a foreign country the values that your parents and family have bestowed upon you will keep you safe.

I’m continually trying to
make choices that put me
against my own comfort
zone. As long as you’re
uncomfortable, it means
you’re growing. – Ashton Kutcher

This opportunity is the start of many, learn from it be open minded take in the culture, language, food and people use whatever you gain to grow youself but also try and help those around you, leave something of yourself behind as a legacy. Age is but a number use this to your advantage and show how powerful we as South Africans are in accepting and adapting to different cultures in order for future generations to benefit from programmes like this.

Ok enough with the serious talk just enjoy yourself take in as much as you can, take photo’s selfies if you must 😀 – when you come back I wana learn how to Salsa and maybe introduce me to a friend from Columbia Sofía Vergara’s daughter maybe if she has one haha

Ons gaan jou miss maar ons weet jy gaan ons trots maak, but this is not for us this is for YOU

Bon Voyage 😉

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