Black Friday

So I thought Black Friday had some sort of historical significance but when  my search went to google (as she is my friend when in doubt) I found that it just a day of crazy sales o_O

The day after Thanksgiving is the day American’s go crazy queuing for hours in the hopes of being the first in the shop to purchase whatever is on sale this is interesting because if you look at pictures of Thanksgiving celebrations all those food how do they still feel like getting up to go to the shops.

Apparently this craze has hit South Africa too on a somewhat smaller scale though daar issie geld om nog unwanted goods te koep nie soe ek dink nie ons mense gaan by Checkers oornag nie, with the recent electricity woes it might just be called Blackout Friday in some areas o_O

On a positive note the Black Label beers were on sale it all comes together with….o wait wrong beer my bad 😀

Tomorrow it is Grey Saturday when you look at your bank balance but hey we live for today right so lets go shopping as I’m writing this I’m in the line to fight for those beers only 3 per customer – its on hahaha

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