Design your own life


They imagined and now they are sharing, join the CPUT students as they showcase their imagination through design.


From Industrial Design to the Extra Curriculum Programme you will see all types of things to catch your eye and maybe even inspire future designers who are thinking of following this path.


“We should Design for a better society and not a richer society” -unknown

Im sure every designer in their mind want to contribute to a better society just think about the clothes you are wearing a Fashion Designer thought of that sweater or pants,


they imagined it fitting perfectly on your body and im sure it does :-D.

Look around your house it was planned by an Architect the images on the couch were designed by a surface designer,


the calender you are looking at counting down the days till Christmas, designed by a graphic designer. The arrangement of your kitchen – planned by an interior designer. This just shows us how important design is in our lives, as almal nou agter ‘n desk gaan sit en werk  and throw the imagination out the window where would society be o_O

“Design is about changing the Negative into a Positive” -unknown

We are all designers of our own lives and we have the power to affect change for the better these students are here to show us their dreams so why not encourage them through support…


…to – DREAM BIG and CHANGE THE WORLD through design :-D.

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