SA Horror Story

So its been 4 weeks since I survived the Zombie Apocalypse 3000 Zombies took to the streets of Cape Town in the hope of feasting on  Braaaaaains


Then there were the ones looking for a cure I guess they are sick of being called a freak show o_O – Zombies are misunderstood they were…


This was the 4th Zombie Walk an intiative started in aid of animal abuse and just for the fun of dressing up and letting out the inner freak in you haha plus its fun to scare innocent bystanders 😀 – and feasting on a fresh brain is always appetizing especially for this guy…


This year I decided to go as a reporter and capture the moment hopefully not get bitten, if you want to see the awesome pictures I got you can follow the link below 😀

This was the biggest turnout thus far and will only get bigger with the virus spreading at a rapid pace who will survive,  forget American Horror Story this is South Africa and we are hungry…


This time it is not a game
Jason is the hangman’s name
Beware take care It’s Friday the 13th Tonight’s the masquerade of pain…


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