Lights, Camera Action


An empty stage this was the setting of a night compared to the likes of the Milan Fashion Week only that what we were about to see are designs from the 3rd year and Btech Students at CPUT.

Support young, up and coming designers before they become famous – my idea of fashion is a shorts, sweater and sloffies but what we saw on stage were out of this world. I don’t think I’d wear some of those things for men in public but hey thats just me, to compliment the designers though I loved the imagination, choice of music and the visual aspect that accompanied each design welldone on the effort and  professionalism.


Many of the designs were inspired by futuristic themes from the lunar people to some twilight vampire buzz and models wearing goggles, seeing that we are heading into 2015  which a few years ago we only heard of in movies with flying cars and stuff I guess this is the future o_O


To be a model is serious stuff no smiling, you got to be confident, if you feel good and comfortable in the clothes you are wearing strut your stuff the world is your catwalk. I loved the fact that the models were of all sizes I’m a guy that likes a curvy girl, was it just me or was it hot in there? haha 😀


Once again great show and all the best to each and every designer make South Africa proud, you already dreamt it now it is time to live that dream 😀

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