This was at the Seapoint Promenade in Friday, a controversial public artpiece which is suppose to have us reflect on the Legacy of Madiba by looking through these glasses and remember his struggle for freedom on Robben Island.

This artpiece is also inline with the World Design Capital initiative, I think the message is cool and that it helps artists get their work out to the public in a positive manner. Yes there are arguments that the money could’ve been used in different ways by providing housing and jobs to the unemployed which is fully agreeable but then if you think about it some people who are unemployed are able and willing but turn to the wrong things because of the circumstances they are in. 20 years of Democracy I feel that there are many opportunities that are out there if we just open our eyes and use what we have in a positive manner I mean who would’ve thought that you could look at Robben Island wearing Ray-Ban Sunglasses not many of us can afford this now it is there for free.


This the scene this morning, defaced with a message ‘Remember Marikana’ – many miners losing there lives in this massacre, a strike for better wage at the Lonmin Mine.’_strike

We are suppose to be free from the struggle but abusing this freedom in this manner is not on, there are other ways of showing your anger by showing some respect too.

We have a long way to go as a country in moving forward if we focus on the little positive messages out there we can help change the future – us as the new generation should take a stand and help break the half broken shackles that are still crippling our country and break free – Focus on a brighter future for all, through positive energy.


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