Helping Hand

Mispah School for Learners with
Special Educational Needs is
situated in the picturesque town of Elim situated near the most
southern tip of Africa.

Mispah School caters for Severely Mentally Handicapped children who is referred by School Pschycologist out of Mainstream schools because
they cannot benefit from the
education / training offered in
mainstream schools. Children who have never been in a school or in an informal institution must also be
referred by a School Pschycologist in order for them to be considered for admission. Ages catered for = 6 – 18

– making available sufficient
workspace and apparatus that are managed by highly skilled and dedicated personnel
– training the child with the help
and support of the community in a protective environment to work under supervision or with little or no supervision
– striving to enhance the child self image through development of his/ her potential in all (academic,
cultural & sports) sphere’s
– involving all role players
(educators, workers, governing body, parents & community) to collectively work towards providing efficient and quality education for Mispah learners.

MISPAH’s mission is to teach
Learners with Special Educational
Needs the essential skill for their future outside of the school, to be good workers and citizens in the South African society.

The above is taken from the Mispah Facebook page, my parents coming from Elim, I can testify to the work that this school do great work in with these children. This is seen on the children’s faces, the smiles and love that is expressed when they do something in the Church on Kinderfees or any other special occasion in the Moravian Church Calender.

Thanks have to be given to the men and women who dedicate their time and effort as a helping hand in these children’s lives and the Elim Community as a whole.


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